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A “really busy Easter” for the PSNI – Assistant Chief Constable Bobby Singleton

Assistant Chief Constable Singleton of the police service of Northern Ireland

Assistant Chief Constable Bobby Singleton issued a statement on Tuesday (2nd April) saying it has been a busy Easter for the Police Service of Northern Ireland, with a number of parades and commemorations taking place across the province.

Assistant Chief Constable Singleton emphasised the vast majority of these events passed "peacefully, respectfully and lawfully".

He said:

“This has been a really busy Easter for the Police Service with close to 80 parades taking place across the country.

"As well as families celebrating Easter, we’ve also had tens of thousands of people commemorating events over the weekend from all traditions – the vast majority peacefully, respectfully and lawfully.

"I want to put on record my thanks to these event organisers and participants who have worked with us helping to keep people safe.

“What we saw unfold in Creggan on Easter Monday, in particular the attacks on journalists, was extremely disappointing and completely unnecessary. We are supporting those affected and have commenced an investigation with a view to bringing those responsible to justice.

“What we saw yesterday was an unrepresentative, small minority who remain intent on causing violence and disorder and who will exploit local young people in the process.

“Moving forward, we’ll continue to focus on delivering policing with the community in Creggan.

“We welcome the broad condemnation of these events, and we are grateful for the wide support we’ve had from across the community since yesterday."



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